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Factors To Consider When Choosing Granite Countertops

You have plenty of options if you decide to install countertops in your bathroom or kitchen. You can choose between granite, quartz and marble. However, most people prefer granite. Granite countertops are of many choices. Pick granite countertops that will compliment your bathroom or kitchen. Below are tips to help you when choosing granite countertops.

Granite countertops come in different colors. There is black, green, grey, beige and brown colors. It is wise that you check out the color scheme in the room before you choose a specific color. Pick a color that will blend well with the room. Check your cabinet doors and flooring pieces so that you can pick the right countertop.

Also, give consideration to the amount of light that gets into your home. For darker rooms, you need light coloured countertops while bright rooms fit well with dark coloured countertops. If you are still confused as to which color to choose, you can ask for expert advice when shopping.

Give consideration to edges when selecting granite countertops. You can choose between bevelled edge, bull nose edge and waterfall edge. You need to visualize the different edges in the rooms for you to pick one that will look good.

Granite countertops have different patterns. They include solid, marbled and speckled. They produce different effects. If you opt for a simple look, go for solid colors. However, if you don’t like a minimalistic look, pick colors that contrast the slabs.

The finishes of granite countertops are either hones, leather or polished. Polished granite is usually shiny and smooth. In comparison to the other option, it is porous. Honed granite comes with a matte finish and doesn’t shine. If you want a textured surface, choose a leather finish. The finishing you pick is a matter of personal preference.

When choosing granite countertops, you need to think about maintenance. You need choose granite countertops that you can easily maintain. A white slab would not be ideal if you lack enough time to take care of the countertop. Finishing also matters. A surface that is shiny and smooth will require more maintenance. Pick granite countertops that have a style that you can maintain.

Price is of importance. Granite countertops come in different prices depending on the style and finishing. Compare the prices of different types of granite countertops. Identify companies that sell them at affordable prices. Check out for discounts and great deals.

It is important you identify a reputable company that sells granite countertops in your area. Google and take a look at the portfolio of multiple companies. It is an added advantage to purchase from a company that also offers installation services. Before you pick a specific company, request to view samples of their past work. Read online reviews to know more about the company from the experiences of the other customers.

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